Addressing Tuberculosis Patients Should be Taken Serious, CE Abdullah

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) In a meeting of tuberculosis partners’ board held on Tuesday, Chief Executive (CE) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said that addressing tuberculosis patients should be taken serious, BNA reported.
The board reported that a number of sections in tuberculosis clinic that was operational in Kabul since fifty years have been deactivated and the clinic along with its laboratory are expected to be transferred to Afghan-Japan hospital, the agency added.
They stressed that this should be prevented, because, a great part of the tuberculosis patients can be diagnosed and treated in the clinic.
CE instructed the public health ministry to seriously pursue the issue and prevent deactivation of the clinic.
In his turn, the minister of public health vowed to address it.  Expressing concern on decrease or probable cut of foreign assistance in tuberculosis section by 2020, the board asked for drawing new assistances and government’s financial support.
CE Abdullah added that they will talk with other donor countries in this regard.

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