AFDA Urges for the control of Drug prices in the Country

Kabul (BNA)The head of the Afghanistan Food and Drug Administration, in a meeting with the officials of drug factories, pharmacies, and entrepreneurs’ union, stressed on the control of drug prices in the country and preventing illegal import.

AFDA in a statement said that Dr. Abdul Bari Omar, the head of this department, reminded the officials of the pharmacy services and the entrepreneurs’ union to take serious action in the illegal import of drug and price control.

He stressed the development of domestic production and asked the Union of Domestic drug Productions to register the price of the product within a month in agreement with this department.

According to Dr. Omar, currently, the market needs the legal import of drug and foreign companies that are monopolized by some domestic companies do not operate.

Meanwhile, the officials of the mentioned unions assured of their cooperation in the mentioned sectors and committed to the quality production of medicine, as well as the legal import of medicines to the country.


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