Afghan-China Archaeologists Completed a Research on Mes Aynak

KABUL (BNA) Joint research launched lately by Afghan and Chinese researchers on the Mes Aynak copper mine in Logar province has been completed, said officials at the Ministry of Information and Culture.

The Deputy Minister of Culture says that a joint team of Afghan and Chinese archaeologists has completed research during a week.

Mawlawi Atiqullah Azizi, Deputy Minister of Culture says that after the completion of the research, he held a joint meeting with the Chinese and Afghan archaeologists and heard the important points of their research.

The Chinese archeologist Prof. Zhaoxichen said that both the historical relics and copper in Logar Mes Aynak are valuable and it is necessary to pay serious attention to the relics discovered in the deep of the copper mine in Logar.

China is interested in expanding its research series in Mes Aynak, including the archaeologists of the Ministry of Information and Culture, so that the historical heritage and value of each effect and region becomes clear and authentic, and then according to the plan that the information and the works prepared by the Ministry of Culture should be carried out and after scientific research, historical monuments should be protected according to a good and strong plan, he said.

Azizi thanked the Chinese and Afghan archaeologists for preserving the historical relics of Mes Aynak of Logar in a short period.
Mr. Azizi said that the relics of Mes Aynak have international commonality and value and should be given much attention in their preservation.

According to the Afghan Ministry of Culture, some Afghan archaeologists will travel to China to gain scientific and professional experience.

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