Afghan culture, art exhibition gets top position in international festival

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan culture and art exhibition got the first position in international festival introduction of nations” held in Shiraz city of Iran.  The festival was held in cultural and entertainment collections of Shiraz University.  The Afghan culture and art exhibition was held by Afghan cultural center to Iran with cooperation of Afghan students studying at Shiraz University.  The exhibition aimed at identification of Afghan rich culture and art, introduction of achievements, abilities and handicapped of Afghan refugees based in Shiraz to Iran and Afghan refugees.  The Afghan culture and art exhibition, along with cabins of nine countries as Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Japan and Sudan hosted a large number of cultural viewers.  In the festival, held in Shiraz, the Afghan cabins have allocated the biggest part of the exhibition which included various types of handicapped as clothes and traditional covers, curtains and carpets.  Carpets and various tradition rugs, food and calligraphies of Afghan artists and more than hundreds pictures from historic, tourist places and monuments were put in the exhibition.  Officials for Shiraz University and Afghan embassy to Tehran appreciated the Afghan refugees for their work.

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