Afghan Forces Capable To Ensure Security of The Country, Waziri

Wednesday February 11, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan security forces are capable to defend the country in cooperation with the international community against any type of insurgencies from the Taliban and other terrorist networks, an official said the other day.
Reacting against remarks from a US authority, Daulat Waziri, Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense told media that the Afghan security forces have full capability to defend the country against any onslaught from the Taliban militants and their backing insurgents. Earlier a US official said the Taliban guerilla fighters could provide headache for the Afghan government until 2018. He said much had been done for enforcing the country’s security forces however there are some defections in the country’s air force. “But we could do more in the structure of the country security forces, particularly the national army,” he said adding the country’s security forces were capable to independently defend the country, as they did suppress the armed Taliban and other terrorist networks in different volatile areas.
The spokesman said the international community had promised to do more in strengthening and equipment of the country’s security forces and it would enforce its resolution, helping the Afghan forces including the air-force to do secure the war-torn nation against the enemy. Recently, the US chief of central information, Gen. Steward had told the country’s senate that the armed Taliban could still remain a harsh threat for the Afghans. Emphasizing on the training and equipment of the Afghan forces, he also pointed to the threat may the armed insurgents pose in the war-torn country. He warned after the US-led international forces pullout from Afghanistan, the country’s security forces would face harsh threat from the insurgents and they would face much difficulty to take over the full security responsibility of Afghanistan. A military analyst, Zalmai Wardak also said that this would be too difficult to fully take responsibility of all over the country by the Afghan forces independently unless they were completely equipped with sophisticated weaponries as there was a need for further enforcing the country’s air force. He said the country also need an inclusive intelligence system in order to run operations based on accurate information about the enemies sites of activities as well as their offensives.
According to him, the country’s security forces structure had done by the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan and this is impossible to soon draw independent forces behind the enemy unless the government of national unity employs skilled and experienced individuals for the security institutions. He said the people were proud of their security forces and they would do more for cooperation with them in war on the country’s enemy, but they should be completely trained and equipped with ultra-modern weapons. Meanwhile, a number of Afghan citizens laud the country’s forces and said they have done much for ensuring security of different restive parts independently and had done much for the war-weary residents. They ask the government for well equipment of the security forces and helping them lead independent counterinsurgents operations across the country. Shukria

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