Afghan Forces Retake Control of Kunduz City, 43 Civilians Hurts

Tuesday October 4, 2016

Kunduz City (BNA) Afghan security forces have pushed back Taliban militants from Kunduz city, NATO and local police reported.
Helicopters hovered over the city to support Afghan security forces and targeted Taliban’s hideouts.
Meanwhile, reinforcement troops dispatched to the province aiming to support Afghan security forces stationed there.
Mohammad Qasim Jangul Bagh security commander of Kunduz told BNA, now the control of Kunduz city is taking by Afghan forces and are trying to clean-up the city from existence of armed oppositions.
Asadullah Omarkhail Kunduz governor says, Taliban attack repulsed and Afghan security personnel are recapturing the regions that taken by the insurgent.
Dozens rebels were killed in the clashes, but the exact number is not clear so far.
Naim Mangul head of Kunduz central hospital says, until now 43 wounded civilians and a martyred woman has transferred to the hospital.
The health conditions of most injured are satisfactory and efforts underway to threat the wounded civilians.
Clashes ongoing between Afghan security forces and Taliban in Kunduz-Baghlan highway.

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