Afghan Officers Who Went Abroad on Scholarship Will be Recruits, MoI

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Interior has informed all police graduates who have studied abroad to report to the General Directorate of Identification of the Ministry by the 31st current month solar year.

The Ministry of Interior requested those students abroad who have left their education incomplete on their own, to return to their studies and return to the country to serve after graduation.

The Ministry has informed the graduates of those students who have been sent abroad and who have left their studies on their own, that they will appear at the General Directorate of Inspection of the Ministry of Interior until the second day of the next month.

Graduate students should explain dropping out of their studies, said the Ministry.

The ministry has warned that in case of non-observance of the above-mentioned points, the graduates will be summoned by the detective agencies and investigated by the ministry in the educational procedures.

All the graduates or non-graduates are called to present themselves to the General Directorate, which then has no right to complain.


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