Afghan Painters Brilliant Despite Lack of Possibilities, Dr. Sadat

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Kamal Sadat, Acting Minister of Information and Culture in a meeting with a number of painters heard their problems and demands.
In the meeting, which was held yesterday one of the painters enumerated a range of problems of painting art in the country and asked ministry of information and culture for attention to this art.
Considering the painting art as one of the key art sections, acting minister of information and culture asserted that the country’s artists in particular painters were brilliant and have fulfilled considerable artistic works despite problems and lack of possibilities.
Meanwhile, Dr. Sadat expressed the support of MoIC to the country’s artists and promised to pay attention to painters.
According to another report, head of Haqiqatkhwa women association Nooria Akbari called on Dr. Kamal Sadat and briefed related to works of the association.
Akbari asserted that the association in cooperation with deputy ministry of youth affairs has provided learning facilities as tailoring to miserable women.
Acting minister of information and culture by praising the association for its works stressed on further cooperation with miserable women of the country.

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