Afghan Taekwondo Star Wins Gold Medal in South Korea

KABUL (BNA): Zabiullah Shahzad, an Afghan taekwondo athlete, achieved a remarkable feat by winning a gold medal in an international competition held in South Korea.

He faced a tough challenge from a South Korean opponent, who was a multiple-time world champion and a key member of the national team.

However, Shahzad prevailed in the final round of Tameshiwari, the art of breaking objects with martial arts techniques, and defeated his opponent.

He shared his victorious performance on his Facebook page and dedicated it to the people of Afghanistan.

Shahzad is only the second Afghan athlete to win a gold medal in this category, following Baktash who did it in 2004. The Afghanistan Taekwondo Federation congratulated Shahzad on his great achievement and praised his skills and spirit.


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