Afghan Traders Pay $4m To Uzbekistan

Sunday, March 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Lack of facilities and equipments in Hairatan port for transition of merchandises resulted in cash fines of Afghan traders by Uzbek officials. 
The fines have caused delaying of stuffs of Afghan traders in Uzbek side. 
During the current year, Afghan traders have paid nearly $4 million as fine to Uzbek side. 
According to Eng, Yaqoob, head of services in Hairatan border, the office is facing with lack of modern equipments for transition of stuffs from the border to Mazar city and Afghan markets, so Afghan traders are fined after 24 hours set by Uzbek side for transition of the stuffs. 
Head of services for Hairatan border considered lack of modern equipments as important challenges in the border, adding unfortunately lack of wagons carrying the stuffs form Uzbek side to Afghan side resulted in raising the price of stuffs in Afghan markets. 
He said as the result of such issues, income in the border of Hsairatan has decreased comparing to last year.
Ghazkikhail, a spokesman for Afghan ministry of commerce and industries while confirming such problem and lack of modern equipments in Hairatan said the ministry of commerce will take possible steps for solution of the problems.

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