Afghan Women Capable To Represent Themselves, President Ghani

Wednesday, October 05, 2016
Kabul-BRUSSELS (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, at the sideline of the Brussels Summit, praised the achievements made by the Afghan women and said they can now clearly speak in representation from themselves, his office said in a statement.
In the meeting attended by the country’s First Lady and some other ministers and authorities and women representatives of the country, the president said, “The women of Afghanistan have now changed from dependence to the bread winners for their families, and that they can now clearly and with commitment and opinion speak of themselves.
Lauding the women courage, the President said, “We can’t compare ourselves to those women with the government posts, but we have to compare the real ability of millions of girls needed similar opportunities accessed by the boys and never wanted to retreat.”
According to the president, women have presence in different spheres of the Afghan society.
They are manager, director, deputy ministers, ministers, ambassadors, farmers and entrepreneurs, he said but noted that they [the women] were not on to beg from others, as charity wouldn’t empower them, but their production and outcomes’ access to the markets would empower them.
The president went on as saying, the achievements made by women, under the country’s constitution, would never be dealt. “They would be the guardian of democracy, protect their achievements and expand them.”
The president said many women have been appointed as government officials, but the patriarchy is governing the Afghan society, in which the women presence is not welcomed.
He shed light on why the girls with specific ages go to schools and leave after a while and said that no serious attention has so far been made on them and vowed that the development ways closed to them should be helped opened.
“Today we could sell in $400 a product vended in $40, meaning that we have no access to the markets,” said the president expressing hope that the women once could break any obstacles and step forwards towards further developments.

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