Afghanistan Agrees To U.S.-Monitored Joint Counter-Terrorism Operations with Pakistan // Pakistan To Be Punished If Doesn’t Change Policy, CE Abdullah

Wednesday, July 05, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The government of Afghanistan agreed the proposal for the joint operations with Pakistan against terrorist groups to be monitored by the United States, the president Press office said in a statement.
According to the statement, in a meeting with US Senate delegation, President Ghani said he supported the joint counter terrorism operation with Pakistan with the monitoring of United States.
The delegation met with the Afghan leadership in Kabul following a visit to Pakistan where it met with Pakistan’s top foreign policy adviser and chief of army staff, the statement added. Led by John McCain, a US high level delegation met with CE Dr. Abdullah after arrival in Kabul on Tuesday. Both sides discussed issues of mutual cooperation, particularly how to find ways to fight terrorism and most importantly convince Pakistan to honestly step in war on militants and help restore peace in the war-torn country, said a statement from CE office.
“Pakistan should cooperate with Afghanistan in restoration of peace and fighting terrorists,” said McCain chairman of the committee who detailed about their visit to Pakistan, where they met a number of civil and military leaders.
Lindsey Graham, another member of the American delegation said the current situation in the region was not acceptable. “If Pakistan changes, it will be rewarded and will be punished if no change is made in its policy.” Meanwhile, Dr. Abdullah said the situation in his country should change as it has brought gaps between the people and the government, the statement added. He said the government was resolved and committed to elections by 2018 and emphasized that there was no option unless to hold election. He urged the US senators to pressure Pakistan to avoid supporting terrorists and added the main sources of terrorist groups were drugs, nongovernmental sources and the neighboring Pakistan.
“Pakistan shouldn’t be given immunity,” said the Chief Executive. He also touched on the recent incident in Kabul and said those committed crime against the protestors and opened fire on them would be brought to justice and called demonstration the right of every Afghans.

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