Afghanistan Seeks Strong Ties with Its Neighbors: Khairkhah

KABUL (BNA) Acting Information and Culture Minister, Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah, in a meeting with the Ambassador of Pakistan Obaid ur Rehman Nizamani said: “Afghanistan wants strong ties with neighbors based on mutual respect.

In a meeting in Kabul the two sides discussed cultural and handicraft exhibitions between the two countries, Minister Khairkhah said that such exhibitions could pave the way to strengthen cultural diplomacy, according to a statement received by Bakhtar News Agency.

Meanwhile, Minister Khairkhah stressed the role of the tourism industry in economic development and the creation of traveling opportunities for the citizens of both countries.

Ambassador Nizamani mentioning the cultural, historical, and religious harmonies of the two countries, said that Pakistan’s government wants to have a stable and prosperous Afghanistan.


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