Afghans Needy Families Require USD 550m: Dr. Abdullah-Commentary

Monday January 23, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Assisting the needy, displaced people and the victims of war in Afghanistan is a moral obligation of every conscientious man and woman; therefore, every opportunity should be provide to meet this humane obligation.
BNA social analyst commenting on the issue writes about four decades war and crisis in Afghanistan severely damaged the infrastructure of the country and faced the people to grave security, social and economic problems that nobody can ignore and easily overcome. Approximately there are 5,300,000 displaced, victims of imposed war and natural disaster incidents people in Afghanistan, 3,000,000 of them are in need of urgent assistance. Afghan government has adopted effective and practical measured to settle the problems of this great folk of people. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah the executive chief of the country in meeting with senior UN diplomats and other international organizations asked the world community to provide urgent humanitarian aids to the needy people in Afghanistan. Dr. Abdullah insisted that in order to overcome the current challenges, 550 million dollars needed and asked the international community to help Afghan government and people to prevent the further expansion of the problems in the country. 
Due to extension of war in the country, increasing number of expatriates’ families, forceful withdrawal of Afghan refugees from Pakistan, Iran and a number of European countries and lack of economic opportunities are the major factors for emergence and expansion the problem and even caused the increasing poverty in the country. Avoiding the armed oppositions from desisting weapon and joining peace process and their insistence on continuation of war are the key factors of long lasting war and the current problems in the country. Regretfully, a number of countries who are seeking their interests in insecurity of Afghanistan, supporting Taliban and other terrorist groups encourage keeping light, the disastrous flames of war in this war-torn country, and by forceful withdrawal of Afghan refugees and politicizing trade and economy further increase the problems in the country. Therefore, it is an open fact that the current problems of Afghanistan have deeply rooted outside the country and certain countries are playing effective role in further deepening the crisis of Afghanistan. In today’s world, many are chanting slogans regarding to safeguarding human rights and ensuring other international criteria. If we look at the current situation of Afghanistan, the international community should be front-runner, in providing practical humanitarian assistances, because words are not sufficient. Helping the needy people should not depend to political issues. The Afghan government in close cooperation of credible organizations such as United Nations should provide the ground for better management and organizing the international community’s aides in order to put in end the suspicions regarding to the distribution of the aids. This can be meeting only through honestly coordination of relevant organs and transparent management of the affairs in that regard.         

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