All Afghans Views and Suggestions Important For the IEA: Deputy PM

KABUL (BNA) The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Deputy Prime Minister, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir in a meeting with Sayed Hamed Gailani said that All Afghans views and suggestions important fort the IEA.

The Deputy Prime Minister Kabir met with country’s national spiritual figure Sayed Hamed Gailani at Sepader palace on Tuesday, according to the Deputy PM office’s statement.

Gailani shared his views and suggestions with Deputy Prime Minister Kabir, adding that the current system is an Islamic and an Afghan government said many scarifies themselves for the establishment of this system.

He stressed for any kind of cooperation with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The Deputy Prime Minister Kabir, hailing his cooperation with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, said that All Afghan views and suggestions important for the IEA.

Deputy Prime Minister for Political affairs Kabir asked Gailani to invite people to support the current system in the country.


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