All Conspiracies to Disrupt Security Have Failed: Wasiq

All Conspiracies to disrupt security have failed: Wasiq

KABUL (BNA) General-Directorate of Intelligence of Islamic Emirate emphasizes that all conspiracies to disrupt security in the country have failed.

The statements made by Mawlawi Abdul Haq Wasiq at a time when a number of our compatriots were martyred and a number of others were injured in several terrorist incidents in different parts of the country in recent days.

In these horrific events, most of the holy places and educational centers were targeted.

“All the tactics of the enemies to worsen the security situation have failed, he assures the people of security and country”

The circles that emerged as a result of the occupation and grew under its roof are trying to threaten public security.” He added.

“The enemies are attacking defenseless places such as monasteries, schools and mosques, and this shows their weakness, and it also shows that they do not adhere to any religious or human principles;” they are seditionists, oppressors and corrupters,”

He assured the people, “as we fought occupier in previous time in a very serious and decisive manner according to Islamic law, we will continue the jihad and fight against the seditionists, oppressors and corrupters.”

Meanwhile, Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, who attended the funeral of a number of martyrs in the terrorist incident at the Seh Dakan Mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif on Saturday, he said: “All ethnic groups and two major religions of Afghanistan all brother.

We do not have a difference with the names of Uzbeks, Tajiks, Hazaras and Pashtuns or Shiites and Sunnis, and we are all brothers.

He said that all the incidents that take place in mosques, Takayas, pulpits, seminaries, monasteries and cities have no religious status and have no place in the framework of Islam, and attacks on fasting worshipers, including children and women.

It must be said that the recent terrorist incidents in the country have met with domestic and international reactions, and the Islamic Emirate has emphasized that it has taken more precautionary measures to ensure the security of the lives and property of the people.

Bakhtar News Agency

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