All Govt Bodies Imstructed to Use Domestic Products, Cabinet Meeting

KABUL (BNA) The cabinet meeting of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan approved the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, where in accordance, all the government bodies supposed to use domestic products.

The cabinet meeting, presided by Prime Minister, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, finalized the Ministry of Industry and Commerce propose, where in accordance all the government bodies ordered to use domestic products.

The cabinet meeting tasked the Ministries of Information and Culture, Hajj and Religious affairs, Education, Higher Education and other related ministries and departments to publicize the people on the use of domestic products.

Likewise, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce tasked to inform the owners of factories and inspire them to offer quality products in the country’s market.

The cabinet meeting assigned the delegation under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of Public Works and the Deputy Minister of Transportation and Aviation, the Deputy Attorney General and technical delegations to assess the Salang Highway closely and to prepare a plan to address the traffic problems related to traffic of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, a committee has been assigned with the task finding an alternative transit road of the Salang highway to the north of the country, and to submit its report to the cabinet meeting.

In the same time, the cabinet of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considered, the proposals of the Ministry of Economy following the revival and opening of cold storages, and the Ministries of Industry and Commerce, Finance, Economy, Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock and other related bodies should take the necessary action in this respect.


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