An American Parliament Member Calls Pakistan The Most Heinous Country In The World

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) An American parliament member says due to dual policies of Islamabad and supporting terrorists, Pakistan should register among countries supporting terrorism.
A senior Republican deputy in US parliament in an essay released in Washington Times writes: there are countries that pretend they are our friends and receive billion dollars as financial aids from USA, regretfully support terrorists who are involve in killing Americans.
The representative of Texas in US parliament talking about the good and bad countries called Pakistan the most heinous country.
He called Pakistan as a ferocious country that always seeking to create evil incidents and never been useful.
He talked in detail about the background of Pakistani dual relations with US during cold war for preventing the advance of the then Soviet Union to south Asia.
Relations between US and Pakistan in 1980s when Red Army invaded Afghanistan was warmer, intelligence services of the two countries have exchanged information on events in Afghanistan, and Pakistani side extracted the most privileges from situation in Afghanistan.
However, after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan continued supporting extremist and terrorist militants, as with strong support of ISI, Taliban brought a major part of Afghanistan under their control by 1996.
The Reprehensive of Texas in essay continues to write in such a situation Al-Qaeda organized its attack against America and Pakistan ignoring the ambitious and evil goals of Al – Qaeda in consultation with its intelligence service supported this terrorist group.
He added if Pakistan were a real ally of USA, after the attack of Al – Qaeda on US Embassy, supported Washington’s authorities in their efforts for killing Osama and probably September 11 tragic incident never occurred.
The republican delegate in parliament also has said that after the attack of September 11 when America started its attacks against Osama, Al – Qaeda and Taliban Pakistan provide   them the way to escape. In spite of that, Pakistan committed to support America in its fight against terrorism and extremism, unfortunately against all its commitments, opened its doors to Osama and thousands of terrorists to escape from the attacks of US forces.  
In spite of that Pakistan openly support terrorism, unfortunately US pays billions of dollars as aid to that country.
International Crisis Group releasing a report has said that US should continue its aid to Pakistan only when that country stops supporting terrorist and extremist groups.
In the meantime, Zaulmay Khalilzad the former US ambassador to Kabul has said that joint  operations of Afghanistan and Pakistan against terrorism would be in vain, because as the previous experiences show, Pakistan is not honest in that regard.
The statements by American politicians indicate that American authorities have lost their trust to Pakistan and that country is losing the support of its most powerful supporter in world.

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