Analysis of Pakistani Rocket Shelling On Afghanistan’s Border Regions

Sunday June 22, 2014 Kabul (BNA) Over the past four years, the Pakistani military has conducted frequent attacks on Afghanistan’s border region in provinces of Kunar, Nuristan and Nangarhar. The provocative move which is totally in contradiction to international laws and sovereignty of an independent country has left some financial and human losses in the area. There is different analysis from the Pakistani rocket shelling on the Afghan soil. Some believe that Pakistan resorted to the provocative move to make challenges on the way of the presidential elections in Afghanistan while, some others interpreted the act as an effort to further intensify the presence of militants in the area. Afghanistan these days prepared to uphold some important and historic events. The events which have major potentials and political impacts on futures of the country, in the second round of presidential elections, the Afghan voted in large number and the turnouts were much bigger. Fortunately, the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) succeeded to provide inclusive security measures to the both rounds of the elections. This was also an alarm to Pakistani military, because, they hesitate to see the Afghan security institutions growing. For this purpose, Pakistani resort to any negative move to undermine the development process of Afghan security forces. The Afghan forces have now found enough war capabilities to confront the enemies and safeguard their motherland. But, Pakistani wants an armed forces services in Afghanistan which has no the capacity to face the enemy and the neighboring country undertake all sort of activities to prevent Afghanistan from structuring a powerful military. However, the government of Afghanistan and international community has persistently asked the neighboring country to take action against the terrorist organizations and avoid harboring terrorism, but Pakistan never bothered to do so and continued interference in the internal Affairs of Afghanistan. The dilemma of Pakistani attacks on Afghan soil still remained unresolved. What Pakistan needs to realize is such an atrocity could further worsen bilateral diplomatic ties between the two nations. If Pakistan believes that Afghan army isn’t capable of confronting Pakistani military, it would be a mistake, because, the Afghan people are united and are doing not tolerate invasion of their country. The nation is fully on alert to render more sacrifices on safeguarding their country. Confrontations between the two countries never support their common goals and objectives in the war against terrorism and militancy. Pakistan must honor all commitments it made on the war against terrorism and extremism and avoid providing safe havens to terrorist groups such Lshkar-e-Tayyeba, Haqqani terrorist network and other militant groups. However, Afghanistan always struggled to settle border issues with Pakistan through diplomatic channel and peaceful means. But Pakistani didn’t response positively to generous cooperation of Afghanistan.

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