Another Package of $40 Aid Reached Kabul

KABUL (BNA) Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) announced that an aid package of 40 million USD in cash arrived in Kabul.

40 million USD in cash arrived in Kabul today, Tuesday as part of the series of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

Da Afghanistan Bank welcomed the humanitarian aid of the international community and called for more cooperation in the field.

The bank hailed the entry of currencies into the country through principled and legal manners.

Since the beginning of humanitarian cash aid to Afghanistan, this is the 45th aid package that reaches Kabul in the form of cash and is delivered to one of the commercial banks in the country.

Last week, two packages worth 40 million dollars of humanitarian aid arrived in Afghanistan and were transferred to one of the country’s commercial banks.

Since the beginning of the process of dispatching humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, more than one billion USD of humanitarian aid has reached the country.


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