ARCS Strives to Provide Work Opportunities for Needy Families

KABUL (BNA): Acting President of the Afghan Red Crescent Society at a meeting of the members of the provincial assembly council said that ARCS strives to provide work opportunities for needy and vulnerable families across the country.

A provincial assemblies meeting held attended by Mawlavi Muti-ul -Haq Khalis, Acting President of the Afghan Red Crescent Society to discuss strengthening the relations between ARCS, and the people, a statement said.

In the meeting, Mawlavi Khalis said ARCS’s responsibility is to assist the needy and vulnerable families, if the ARCS does not treat people like familmemberser, then the organization will not stand to function longer.

“Our nation is a body, if a widow sleeps on an empty stomach, all of the body will be upset,” he said.

He said that ARCS has taken action of appointing representatives for people in every corner of the country to reach people who are in need.

Humanitarian aid cannot help our countrymen to stand on their feet, those who are needy and vulnerable should assist properly to be out of their poor situation forever.

The ARCS making efforts to provide work to needy families so that they could be able to provide for their families in the future, Mawlavi Khalid said.

Addressing the participants in the meeting, said we should all join hands to work together to save the nation in this dire time.

Meanwhile, a member of the provincial council, Mawlavi Sheerin Mohammad said that cooperation with the Afghan Red Crescent Society is in benefits people and the nation hereafter, and bringing the voices of the needy is a great help for the organization

Another member, Haji Mohammad Tutakhil vowed to cooperate with ARCS in addressing people’s problems.


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