Badakhshan Citizens Ask for More Attention of IE Providing Them Livelihoods

BADAKHSHAN (BNA) The reality of difficult transportation routes, the lack of telecommunication networks, and the lack of health facilities have brought challenges to the Nishinan village in the Shahr-Bozorg district of Badakhshan.

The residents of the district complain about the lack of proper transportation and telecommunication services, according to Bakhtar News Agency.

Haji Abdul Ghafoor, a resident of the Dawing village, Shahr Buzur district, told the BNA reporter that they have been facing with many problems for several years due to the broken roads and they cannot transfer their patients to hospitals in city on time.

He added that sometimes, they faced traffic accidents while crossing these roads, and besides, they are also deprived of telecommunication network services.

Islamuddin, a driver in Fayzabad city said that he had faced several traffic accidents while passing this road and his passengers were seriously injured.

He said that several of his colleagues fell into the valleys due to the breakdown of the road and his passengers also lost their lives in some accidents.

These residents asked the officials of the Islamic Emirate to pay serious attention to their problems.

Meanwhile, Mawlavi Fazlullah Hanif, the district governor of Shahr Bozor, said that the restoration of the quality of the roads in this district requires a huge budget and efforts are underway to address this issue.

Steps have been taken in telecommunications sector network services and residents of this district, especially the Dawing area, will have access to telecommunication services, in the near future, he added.

The difficult transportation route passing through Badakhshan districts is one of the biggest challenges for the residents of this province, where the lives of travelers are always in danger.


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