Badakhshan Opened New Market of precious Stones

FAIZABAD (BNA) The Chamber of Industries and the Carpet Center for Precious and Semi-Precious Stones in Badakhshan opened on Monday in that province.

The Economy Minister Qari Din Mohammad Hanif attended a ceremony held on the occasion of the inauguration of the Chamber of Industries and the Center for the Sale of Precious and Semi-Precious Stones in the Badakhshan Governor’s Hall and said that such initiatives provide opportunities for economic growth in the country.  Minister Hanif said Badakhshan is one of the provinces of Afghanistan that has the most natural resources and rarest minerals and this measure can be effective for economic growth.

He adds during Afghanistan’s 20 years of occupation, tens of billions of dollars have flowed into the country, but no fundamental work has been done to save us from economic dependence, and according to him about $340 million a year is spent on electricity to foreign countries alone.

Governor of Badakhshan Mawlavi Abdul Ghani Fayeq said that the establishment and opening of a Chamber of Industries and a center for the sale of precious and semi-precious stones in the current situation and geographical location of Badakhshan province are necessary and promising.

Economist says: Such industry has its own value from the economic view and the businessmen can process the precious and semi-precious stones and then offer them for sales in the national and international market.


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