Bamyan Electricity To Be Met From Solar Energy

Sunday, October 14, 2012
Bamyan (BNA) Work on the first solar energy started in Bamyan recently.
It is said that this project has the capacity for producing 300 mega watts of electricity and has been completed with the New Zealand PRT assistance, Mohammad Azizi Shafaq, head of the provincial council of Bamyan said that the project covers installation of 250 solar units that would provide energy for 3,000 families in Bamyan city.
According to the source the solar units have been installed in three hills in the center of Bamyan and their power is distributed to the clients. The project costs USD14 million.
Shafaq added that Bamyan has ample quantities of water and it has the capacity for producing enough power and it is hoped that the Breshna Company attach attention in this respect.
According to the head of the provincial council the projects will provide power to 3,000 families in Bamyan center.
The price per KW of power is not specified, Shafaq added. Abdul Razzaq Samadi Director General of Breshna Company who was in Bamyan said that almost 30% of people are utilizing electricity power in Afghanistan and the government has placed provision of power as its priority of work.
According to Samadi in addition to this another project that will be financed by Japan cover production of 200 kw power for the Punjab district and 500 kw for the Topchi area of Bamyan center and with the construction of water dams in the coming year the produced will be distributed to the people there.

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