Brussels Conference To Pledge $3.5 Billion Annually To Afghanistan

Tuesday October 4, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The Brussels Summit expected to be held in Belgium on 4,5 October and would pledge $3.5 billion in financial and peace aids to Afghanistan.
Representatives from more than 70 world nations and thirty international organizations would attend the landmark summit, with high profile discussion on Afghanistan, after the members make sure about the new system’s (the national unity government) achievement and conditions, it was obliged to do for receiving the international donors’ aids. Good governance, fighting corruption, respecting human rights and achievements in this field and other key matters are asked by the international community at the Warsaw Summit to be done by the government of Afghanistan. Meantime, The United Kingdom has pledged 750 million pound to Afghanistan. The amount is expected to be mostly spend in peace and stability and development projects in the country.
Annually, Japan pledges $400 million, European Union $22 million, Australia $81million, Canada $55 million and Denmark would provide $56 million to Afghanistan until 2020. British also said it would use some $15 million in aids to the Afghan refugees returning home, which is expected to spend through the government budget.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, after the announcement of the British aids, said his administration would transparently use the aids under the international mechanism in order to help the country reach self-sufficiency. The government of Afghanistan is expecting more aids from the international community. The finance minister, Eklil Hakimi has announced that the aid provider countries like US with $700 million, Germany with $450 million, World Bank with $400 million, Asian Development Bank (ADB), with $305 million and India with $250 million are expected to attend the grand summit. But this is up to the Afghan government how much it could assure the member nations on its efforts to practice the commitments made in the Warsaw conference.
Afghanistan is hoping more aids, as it is facing badly unemployment and repatriation of thousands of refugees from Pakistan and Iran.
This is to be mentioned that each day over 5000 Afghans are returning home from Pakistan, after being tortured and forced to leave the neighboring country.
The ministry of foreign affairs said if the government failed to address the refugees’ problems, it is feared to fail to draw attention from the Brussels member nations for aids to the war-ravaged nation. The people demands on good governance restoration, fighting corruption, human rights and women rights support and many other commitments made by the Afghan government should be discussed at the grand meeting, during which, the international community is expected to flow its aids to the country. Afghan people emphasize that the aids should be spent transparently and asked the government to not let the aids go to the individuals pockets. The Brussels Conference, with the Afghan government and the European Union head in the lead would ask the Afghan government if it could do the conditions it promised to fulfil at the Warsaw Summit, a guarantee would open the way for the international aids until 2020, with the Afghan government assuring to have e full preparation for the conference.
Hamidullah Faizi

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