Cabinet Judicial Committee Holds Session

Monday, February 16, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Cabinet judicial committee’s session was held Saturday under the chairmanship of Second Vice President, Sarwar Danesh.
In the session, registration of assurance and property documents in the government organs, problem of absence of prosecutors and judges in areas where they have been appointed and destiny of national legal training center were discussed and reviewed and necessary decisions were adopted.
Related to importance of judicial sector and its position in Afghanistan’s political system, second vice president said there were lots of works related to both government and judicial organs, but the works have stopped and created problems for a long time. After discussion and reviewing in connection with legal and administrative process for registration of assurance and properties’ documents, second vice president said, “We’re discussing registration of the documents and works of its relevant administrative to improve land-owning process and making better use of properties, adding improvement in land process will cause expansion and development of the country and transparency and maintaining of justice.”  Related to absence of prosecutors and judges, it was decided that all judicial personnel not attending their duty due to any reasons should be reviewed within a month and legal action should be taken against individuals leaving their jobs due to various pretexts. Related to fate of national legal training center, the session decided that the center should continue its works as before.It was also decided that a commission should be formed to review policies, operation and curriculum of the center and report to Presidential Office.

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