Cabinet Meeting Approved the Exempts of Proposal of Customs Tariff for Humanitarian Aid

KABUL (BNA) The cabinet meeting of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan chaired by prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund held today in presidential palace.

The cabinet meeting approved the proposal of the Ministry of Finance to exempt the customs tariff on humanitarian aid.
The meeting also called on aid-receiving ministries to notify the Ministry of Finance two days before the arrival of humanitarian aid convoys, so that the humanitarian aid customs exemptions should be run without delay.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock was instructed to take serious action to complete the re-activate agricultural and animal health laboratories and increase in the commercial ports, and complete repair work and take serious action on increasing formation.
The Cabinet also instructed a high-level delegation to scrutinize and finalize the procedure for using VIP lounges at the country’s international airports, and to carefully examine problems in various sectors to ensure full order.
Other issues were also discussed at the cabinet meeting of the Islamic Emirate.

Bakhtar News Agency

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