Cargoes Transit up by 50% Since last 9 Months

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Finance on Tuesday says that in the last nine months, nearly 27,000 transit cargoes have been passed through Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Finance said in a statement “Since, in the wake of Islamic Emirate sovereignty, a significant increase has been made in external transit through Afghanistan, which will gradually turn Afghanistan into a hub for connectivity between Central and South Asia.

Compared to the past, during the 9 months of Islamic Emirate ruling, there is a 50% increase in the transit number of cargoes.

361 million Afghans have been collected in the treasury from the transit fees of these cargoes and thousands of jobs have been created, the source added.

Although Afghanistan is a landlocked country. but its economic or “geoeconomics” position is such powerful that the country could act connecting point between Central and South Asia.

The Ministry of Finance has promised that its officials will pay special attention to smoothing the workflow, fighting corruption, and economic self-sufficiency of the country.

The fabled Silk Road has threaded through Afghanistan for centuries. Afghanistan’s location, equidistant between the China Sea and the Mediterranean, made it a strategic ancient crossroads. Meanwhile, the countries of Uzbekistan, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan are receiving transit through Afghanistan.


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