Cash Donated to Hundreds Displaced Families

Sunday October 20, 2019
FAIZABAD CITY (BNA) Cash have been donated to 400 displaced families in northeastern Badakhshan province.
According to BNA local correspondent report, the families displaced due to war from Ashkashim, Darayem, Raghistan, Arghanjkhawa, Shaghnan, Yamgan and Jorm districts of the province.
Each of the families have received 12000 Afghanis.
Abdul Wahid Tabibi director of refugees and repatriation department in Badakhshan told, displaced families need further assistances in winter season.
Tabibi demanded from national and international charity organization to provide humanitarian aids to displaced families in Badakhshan province.
Akhtar Mohammad Khairzada deputy governor of Badakhshan assured to people that government to assist with displaced families.
In this round, Chief Executive have assisted 4.8 million Afghanis to displaced families in the province, Khairzada added.
Khairzada also asked from government and charity organizations to help with displaced families in winter season.

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