Chemicals Worth $10 Million For Heroin Process Seized By Afghan Police In Herat

Tuesday July 4, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Afghan security forces have seized tons of chemicals worth around ten million dollars in western Herat province of Afghanistan as the smugglers were looking to transport the chemicals for the production of heroin.
According to the local security officials in Herat province, the chemicals of stearic anhydride type were placed inside one thousand gallons and were loaded on a truck for transportation to one of the southern provinces. The officials further added that the twenty tons chemicals seized by the security forces are having a value of around ten million dollars. The officials are saying that the chemicals are mainly used for the process and production of heroin.
The provincial police commandment in a statement confirmed the confiscation of the chemicals and said a suspect has also been arrested in connection the smuggling of the chemicals and an investigation is underway in this regard. This comes as there are concerns that there has been a sharp rise in opium cultivation, production and smuggling across the country during the recent months in some of the restive provinces of the country. According to the last survey report, there has been a 43 per cent rise in opium cultivation in Afghanistan. The survey jointly conducted by the Afghan authorities and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, around 201,000 acres of land were cultivated with opium in 2016.

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