China Asks Intl. Community To Support Afghanistan

Tuesday, February 16, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Supporting the establishment of National Unity Government (NUG), the authorities of Chinese ministry of foreign affairs request global support of the NUG.
Chinese minister of foreign affairs, Van Pi who was talking in Pakistan, said “It is a need that the world community to support Afghanistan in four fields. First, support the NUG, second, support its peace talks, third it’s socio-economic rebuilding and fourth in the direction of regional cooperation.
He said “The Chines government is ready to cooperate with Afghanistan in peace talks with differ composition groups particularly Taliban and also asks the world community to support Afghanistan in the respect. If the opposition groups want to join peace talks, China is ready to help in this direction and provide essential facilities in each field. It has been said that China is one of the powerful countries of the world which has anticipated the US economically and can be useful in maintaining peace and economic support to Afghanistan. Since the establishment of the NUG, the leaders of Afghanistan have undertaken serious efforts to restore peace and start peace talks with armed opponents. Besides China, the leaders of Iran and Pakistan have also said that they are ready to cooperate with the leadership of the Afghan government in maintaining peace. A number of political, economic experts welcome support and cooperation of China, consider it useful to Afghanistan said “At present China has been changed to one of the big economic powers in the world and expansion of Afghanistan relations with this economic superpower can be resulted in important outcomes in different fields.
Reza Rezayee a faculty of economy lecturer in a private university said “To develop its industries, China needs rich natural resources, and Afghanistan can supply great parts of these needs. Afghanistan and China have common borders which could have positive impacts on improvement of their economic ties and China as the biggest economic power among the central Asian countries can play effective role in ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan. He added “The more Afghanistan establishes close economic relations with China and the Central Asian countries, the more its economic vulnerability reduces because mere rely on Pakistan trade and transit facilities could damage us increasingly. Expressing optimism on the words of Chinese foreign minister Saifuddin Saihoon a lecturer of the faculty of economy, Kabul university said “Having close economic relations with this economic power like China is in the benefit of Afghanistan and the NUG should try to improve and develop relations with this country. He added “Regular visits of Afghanistan and Chines authorities are effective and positive step for the economic future of Afghanistan. And the Afghan government should pave proper opportunities and essential atmosphere for investment and trade with China. It is an urgent need of Afghanistan to establish and develop close relations with great countries like China. Due to their sensitive geographical situation, expansion of regional cooperation with India and China that have already set up energy water resources, railways opportunities etc. enjoy vital importance to our country. A number of our citizens are optimist on Afghan-China close economic relations and emphasize that like China, the world community, should support Afghanistan. Taj Mohammad, a Kabul citizen said “China is one of the biggest donors to developing countries in different fields as the NUG is making efforts to develop its universal relations and we consider these relations in the benefit of the Afghan people and government. At present, China has invested in one of the important economic projects, the extraction of copper mine in Logar and we hope that China would continue its support with the Afghan government following the full withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan. Suraya Raiszada   

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