CMEC Stresses On Need of Supporting Domestic Products

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Presided over by second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili, a session of ministerial council’s economic committee was held yesterday. 
According to presidential press office to BNA, in the session, vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili while pointing out related to recent floods and landslide killing and injuring most of our countrymen forced relevant ministries and organs to take step for rehabilitation of destroyed areas in all sectors as agricultural, resettlement, reopening of roads and others.
He also extended sympathy and condolence to victims’ families of the incidents. According to the session’s agenda, Minister of Urban Development delivered the session suggested design of Kabul Jan Park located in Kabul’s southern west.
According to Minister of Urban Development, the park will be constructed according to Kabul city master plan in 4000 acre lands.
Meanwhile, the park would have zoo, cultural centers, gallery and bicycling.
After delivering a series of views and questions related to property, participation of private sector and city master plan, members of the committee approved the draft and the ministry was forced to provide comprehensive draft in this regard and delivered it to the committee.
Following, suggestion of Ministry of Commerce and Industries related to allowance of some fuel by Hairatan Terminal Service Company was reviewed and discussed.
After delivering a series of views and suggestions, the committee’s members forced MoCI to follow the ministerial council’s decision in this regard and provide particular suggestions in consideration to regional and international standards and requirements of the country.
At the end of the session, prolongation issue of license for 24 companies to which lands had been previously distributed in Pul-e-Charcki area and later the lands were distributed to Alokozai Company was discussed and it was decided that AISA should distribute the companies’ license. According to another report, the second vice president met with a number of the country’s students graduated from refugees’ schools to Quetta of Pakistan.
In the meeting, the students enumerated their problems as lack of girls’ hostel, asking for establishment of an informative center for newly graduates of students. According to the students, despite of having 12th grade graduates and official education certificates, they were still deprived form foreign scholarships. In the meeting, the second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili while expressing happiness over meeting with the students stressed on solution of their problems.
Pointing out related to the issue that right of all residents and tribes were identified in the country’s new chapter, the vice president asserted the issue had provided big capacity for addressing the rights of the country’s all residents. The second vice president further said the new chapter provided suitable environment for development of the country’s all people, encouraging the students for getting further knowledge in the country.

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