KABUL(BNA) On the eve of holy month of Ramadan, people are asking the government to take more serious measures on increase market surveillance in order to prevent prices from rising.

BNA analyst: On the eve of the holy month of Ramadan, the prices of foodstuffs and other raw materials are on the rise, and it turns out that the bitter experiences of the past, in which the price of foodstuffs rise sharply every year with the arrival of the month of Ramadan. Is repetition.

Although the Islamic Emirate has been able to keep the dollar and other currencies stable against the Afghani to some extent, there has been no change in the prices of food and fuel raw materials, and no doubt the price of raw materials will rise further on the eve of Ramadan. Because the profiteers are thinking of filling their pockets with people living in high poverty.

In recent years, it has become a tradition among a large number of shopkeepers and importers that with the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, the price of foodstuffs has risen sharply, so that most citizens can not afford it.

People say that a large number of traders and shopkeepers use the people’s need for food as a weakness, and before the arrival of holy month of Ramadan, they offer less goods to the market to increase prices, or that they themselves do not have a door. He believed that the ability of the people and commercial laws to raise prices.
While the holy month of Ramadan is the month of worship and closeness to Allah, it is the month of self-cultivation and fighting evil and ugliness, the month of gaining the pleasure of Allah the Merciful and avoiding denial, while hoarding and selling money from the point of view of the humanizing religion of Islam ٬ It is an ugly and illegitimate act, and those who engage in hoarding and overselling are considered corrupters, and it will be difficult to hold Allah just.
Although the Qur’an, as the law of human life, predicts and specifies the punishment of hoarders and sellers, a number of merchants and shopkeepers have forgotten the Qur’anic advice and are thinking of collecting wealth along the way. Which the Qur’an and the Shari’a have denied and the perpetrators of such ugly acts have been threatened with the most severe punishment.

Therefore, it is necessary for the institutions related to the Islamic Emirate, including the administration of promotion of virtue and prohibition of evil to take advisory and guidance measures, and finally those who are hostile to the people of Allah by selling and hoarding in the holy month of Ramadan and other months. ٬ Punish that the rug of corruption in any name be removed from our Islamic society ٬ This may be when the surveillance measures are increased and the violators are dealt with according to the Holy Quran and the laws of the government.

Bakhtar News Agency

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