Sunday, April 27, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Flooding in some northern provinces claimed the lives of a number of our compatriots and struck heavy losses to the economy of rural people in four provinces.  
This indicates that we are vulnerable again natural disasters and have not succeeded to adopt preventive measures in that regard.
BNA commentator writes, Flooding in four, Northern provinces have claimed the lives of dozens of our compatriots, destroyed hundreds of acres of agricultural land, and imposed heavy losses to economy of the people there. Some people forced to leave their homes that are in critical condition needed emergency aids.
According to local people and media reports, the affected people are living in very hard condition need urgent essential goods. Currently the affected people have taken to safe places and aids delivered to them were not sufficient. The representatives of the four provinces in parliament have called the assistances insufficient which cannot meet the requirements of the affected people.
Although there are, sufficient human resources to deliver physical assistances but lack of facilities have lowered the process of delivering aids.
The current situation in those provinces is a good time for the authorities and the staff of anti-disaster department to meet the needs of the affected people but unfortunately so far there is no an evidence on that regard.
The people and the activists   of civil society criticizing the authorities of the department say during the last 12 years, they have not succeeded to adopt preventive measures against natural disasters while such disasters every year cause grave casualties and heavy losses to our compatriots.
Everybody knows that the spring is the season of heavy rains and flooding which lead to heavy casualties, destructions so why we did not learn about the experiences, and adopted no any preventive measures in order at least reduce the number of victims, and destructions caused every year.
In any way what happened, happened, now the regrettable situation of affected people asks the relevant authorities for hard work to reduce the pains and agonies of people in flood-hit areas.
We should not wait for foreign or charity organization aids. Fighting against natural incidents that severely hit the people in Jouzjan, Faryab, Sar – i- Pul and Badghis provinces first of all needs to mobilize the people to support the affected people in flood struck areas. This is the best way to create a sense of goodwill and solidarity among people, which considered necessary   during accruing such fatal disaster.
In any case, the relevant organs and people should not forget the recent floods affected people and rush to assist them in order to perform their Islamic and humanistic obligations.     

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