Conflicts Between Irresponsible Gunmen Injured 10 People

Friday July 7, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Including women and children 10 people were injured following clashes took place between irresponsible gunmen in northern Kunduz province today.
Mahfozullah Akbari spokesperson of 808 Spinzar zone this morning said BNA reporter, the conflicts occurred between affiliates of Arbab Sharif and Naweed two commanders of irresponsible gunmen in Khan Abad district of the province, in which 10 people including women and children were wounded.
The injuries of the event timely shafted to hospital for further treatment and the clashes ended with reaching afghan security forces in the area, Akbari added.
Police personnel started searching to capture the perpetrators of the event and bring them to the court for further judgment.


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