Construction Work On Three Spring Houses Begins In Kabul

Sunday, April 27, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Construction work on three spring houses for agricultural products and gardening was opened yesterday by Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Mohammad Asif Rahimi and governor of Kabul Abdul Jabar Taqwa in Karizmir area of Shakardara district of Kabul.
In a ceremony held on this occasion in Karizmir with participation of a number of representatives of Kabul people in national assembly and a large number of gardeners and influenced figures of Kohdaman.
Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Mohammad Asif Rahimi spoke and said, “One of the most important infrastructural projects of government, playing key role in improvement of economy of agriculture is construction this spring houses which we opened today.” The cold store was one from 8 spring houses to be constructed in six provinces of the country and each store would have the capacity of preserving and keeping 5000 tons agricultural products. Rahimi added the three spring houses would be constructed in 20 acre lands in Karizmir area of Kabul with total cost of $ 11 million funded by development project of MAIL.

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