Consultative Meeting of National Figures, Jihadi Leaders Held In Kabul

Saturday, October 15, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President Ghani held a consultative meeting with a number of national elders, political and jihadi personalities, during which he strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack in Kabul, BNA said the other day.
Evaluating the national issues, most importantly, security and defensive situation of the country and counter-enemy effort, further strengthening of the peace process, economic development and capacity building were from the agendas of the consultative meeting, said the agency.
The president said the government had firm plan for holding a transparent election and needed preparations were underway in this field.
President Ghani said the enemy was making effort to weaken the achievements of the government and the people of Afghanistan at the Brussels conference, as well as peace with Hezb-e-Islami, but failed to reach their goal, the agency quoted.
“We are in war on regional and ultra-regional terrorism, and the enemies of the country have forever tried to create discord among the political figures and disturb our national unity,” said the president as quoted by the agency.
The participants including ex-president Hamid Karzai, Prof. Sayyaf, House of People speaker, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, Meshrano Jirga speaker, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, vice-president Sarwar Danesh, Mohammad Karim Khalili, representing his father (Prof. Sebghatullah Mujaddedi), Zabihullah Mujaddedi, Anwarul Haq Ahadi, Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal and many others expressed their visions at the meeting, lauding the government’s plan to share national issues with them.
Hamid Karzai said in term of national issues, he agrees with the government, but he also said something about how the air raids were being conducted.
He said he welcomed the peace process — as an urgent need of the Afghan people. Prof. Sayyaf lauded the achievement and devotion of the country’s security forces and said in order to fully suppress the enemy, there was a need for political consensus.
Anwarul Haq Ahadi, after congratulating the success of the government at the Brussels conference, said the government of national unity would continue for the next three years, after which, presidential elections would be held.
Head of Hezb-e-Islami, Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal said he welcomed the peace process could get success with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of the HIA, and said peace would hearten further than war.
The president, after hearing the participants’ helpful visions thanked them and said would hold separate meetings for discussion of various specific agendas.

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