Curbing Second Wave of Coronavirus Govt.’s Main Priority: President Ghani

Kabul (BNA) The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met yesterday morning with the heads of 19 government hospitals in Kabul, a presidential press office statement said.

During the meeting, which was held via video conference at the presidential palace and was attended by the Acting Minister of Public Health, the President hinted at experiences in curbing the first wave of the Coronavirus, saying that the management of the second wave of the corona was the government’s top priority.

He also thanked the health workers who are at the forefront of the fight against novel virus, the statement quoted.

The president, according to the statement, also said the country’s national health program needs to be fundamentally reviewed and that health services will be evaluated based on the results. He added that urgent reforms will be implemented in hospitals to make health services more effective.

Ahmad Jawad Osmani, acting minister of public health said a national plan for the improvement of hospitals has been prepared and fundamental changes in management and services would soon take place, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, Sediqa Abdullah Adeb, head of Rabia Balkhi Hospital, Homa Aksir, head of Malalai Hospital, Seyed Abdullah Ahmadi, head of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Hospital and Amir Pacha Mangal, head of Sadri Ibn Sina Hospital, on behalf of the heads of 19 Kabul public hospitals, made their proposals for the president in regards to recruitment of new staffs and doctors, lack of medical supplies, preventing the hiring of non-professionals in key positions and boosting the capacities of the hospitals.

Dr. Nasrin Oryakhil, head of the Afghan Medical Council, said that in order to improve medical services, the monitoring system should be strengthened and a national hospital improvement plan should be implemented.

Concluding his speech, the President said that the Ministry of Public Health will take urgent measures to implement the national plan for improving hospitals so that people in Kabul can feel the positive health changes.

President Ghani added that officials should make clear proposals to address the shortage of medicines, medical supplies and manpower so that the government can act accordingly, the statement said.

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