DABS Collects 3.5 Bln Afghani in Debt During Past Fiscal Year

KABUL (BNA) Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat’s officials during a press conference, today, Sunday said that the company has collected 3.5 billion Afghanis in debt from all government organs in the 1401 fiscal year.

The officials of DABS shared its annual reports with Media here in Kabul at the government media and information center, today, Sunday.

Speaking at the press conference, the CEO of Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat, Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Rahmani, said that this company has collected 3.5 billion Afghanis of its debts from all government bodies during the 1401 fiscal year.

DABS collected 118 million Afghanis of its debts from powerful ex-administration who were not currently living in the country, said Mr. Rahmani.

The DABS was able to collect 102 million Afghanis from large electricity consumers.

In contrast to the 1400 fiscal year, the revenue of Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat has increased by 2.5 percent and the level of Uncertainty has decreased by 6.78 percent, according to Rahmani.

He says that there are no doubts about the payment of electricity between Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

According to him, in the 1401 fiscal year, about 94 million dollars were paid to Uzbekistan, 96 million dollars to Tajikistan, 47 million dollars to Turkmenistan, and 62 million dollars to Iran.

Meanwhile, the chief executive of Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat, Engineer Safiullah Ahmadzai, said: “Afghanistan is a country where 40 percent of people have access to electricity and 80 percent of its electricity is imported”.

He said DABS has drafted a five-year strategic plan to continuously provide electricity to the citizens, according to which around 710 megawatts of electricity will be produced, of which 470 megawatts will be solar and connected to the grid, 40 MW will be off-grid and 200 MW will be from wind projects.

Afghanistan collected 3 billion Afghanis in revenue from produce of 390 million kilowatts of electricity in the last fiscal year, he added.

At the end of the press conference, the officials of Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat called on the government and private organs, and citizens to avoid unnecessary usage of electricity and asked them to pay their electricity bills on time.


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