DABS: Electricity of Many Provinces Supplied Completely

Kabul (BNA) Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat says electricity in Parwan, Nangarhar, Paktia, Kunduz, Ghazni, Balkh, and Herat provinces has been supplied fully based on their needs.

According to reports: Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat press office information said in a statement today, Electricity in Parwan was 13 Megawatt, Herat 161.2 MG, Paktia 10.5 MG, Nangarhar 55.1 MG, Balkh 122.1 MG, Ghazni 4 MG, and Kunduz 60,6 MG has been supplied.

The needs for electricity of these mentioned seven provinces have been fully provided, the statement added.

Based on reports: a total of 370 MG of electricity needs in Kabul, Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat is only able to supply 316.7 MG of electricity that 85.5% of electricity has been supplied in Kabul, in Kandahar from 67.4 MG electricity has been supplied 27.5 MG.


Bakhtar News Agency

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