Daikundi Provincial Members, Civil Society Activists Call On VP

Tuesday October 11, 2016

Kabul (BNA) A number of members of provincial council of Daikundi, civil society activists and cultural figures of the province called on second vice president Sarwar Danesh and briefed related to problems and requirements of the people of the province.
Participants in the meeting complained of development process in the province and asked the government to pay full attention to the province in connection with maintaining good governance, implementation of reforms and development. They regarded governance problems, increasing insecurities and low access of the people to necessary services as main problems in the province. Afterwards, second vice president Sarwar Danesh while praising the participants for their attention to communicate the demands of the people to capital said addressing to demands of the people was the first responsibility of the local officials of the province.
The second vice president further said that development and providing facilities for delivering services to the people were the responsibility of the government which was trying to address the problems on time.
Danesh also regarded coordination and solidarity of the people with local officials of the province as key priority, adding that despite problems and challenges in Daikundi province, considerable development have been achieved in various fields. According to another report, second vice president met with members of Afghanistan National Naheej New Coalition.

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