Daily Power Revenue of Ghazni Up

GHAZNI (BNA) Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat says the department increased the supply of power to the residents of Ghazni lately.

After the Islamic Emirate return to power in the country, Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat supplied power to 3,129 families in the province, said an official of the department.

According to the officials of DABS in Ghazni the daily revenue of the department increased from 310 thousand afghanis to 480 thousand afghanis daily.

Customers owe 74 million Afghanis, most of which are government organs said DABS officials of the province.

In the meantime businessmen and industrialists in Ghazni raised concerns over the lack of power in the province, but officials of the DABS called the lack of industrial parks the main reason in the province.


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