Daudzai Sets Deadline For Kabul Security Improvement

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Interior, Mohammad Omar Daudzai sets a two week deadline for the Kabul police chief to help improve Kabul security, as fresh cases of house break, burglary and other crimes had overwhelmed the citizens.
The situation after the April 5 election is worsening as the Kabul citizens complained about overnight armed theft, Robberies, abduction etc. in different parts of the capital.
Minister Daudzai and first Deputy of National Directorate for Security (NDS) had been summoned by Meshrano Jirga- upper house of the country’s Parliament for what they denounced a worsened security situation in vast parts of the capital alongside the Taliban return from Pakistan on their summer recess to resume insurgency in the country.
“I am fed up with the ongoing security situation in the capital. I give two weeks deadline to the Kabul police to recover the security. If they failed I have to bring serious changes across the capital,” said Daudzai while speaking an open meeting by the senate.
However he assured of security situation improvement compared to the first month of the last year.
He said the security forces of the country are standby to ensure security, but a hundred percent alert by the forces was difficult as the move would face the citizens’ ordinary life.
Some senate members faulted both house members and those of the high ranking government officials for breaching the law-something they said helped insecurity engulf the country.
“If we were not ready to remove tented windows from our vehicles, such a situation would continue,” said a senator Gul Ahmad Azimi pointing to increasing robbers and highwaymen across the country, particularly in many parts of the capital.
The minister also said in a fresh incident a suicide bomber had been transferred by the tented window car in front of the ministry of interior compound, warning to start campaign against such trend from today (Sunday) across the capital Kabul.” There would be no exception,” the minister warned any of the government senior officials would be included in the process.
He called the people cooperation with the security forces a need in case the election took a runoff.” The enemy was not negligent to disrupt the April 5 process, but the security forces with firm decision could ensure the security.”
Journalists were ousted of the house of people mediapol as the minister was questioned why the detained criminals were not bringing to justice.
Meanwhile, expressing concern over the security situation in the capital, many Kabul citizens had witnessed that several cases of armed theft had occurred in the capital, where the thieves have been seen disguising themselves by wearing police uniform.
The Kabul police can prevent armed theft if wanted, said a Kabul citizen, Naihid, resident of Khair-khana in an interview adding if the situation continued, the people would lose their trust in security forces.
She welcomed the decision made by the minister of interior as saying the move would help security firmed in Kabul, as he said the decision should be implanted even with time limits for the government in tenure.
Utilizing the situation, the armed theft alongside Taliban offensives upsurge is the mostly likely if the election goes to a runoff.

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