Day-Night Efforts of Security Forces of Parwan Praised by Chief of Police

Charikar (BNA) Security meeting held in Parwan presiding by Mawlavi Abdul Qadir Haqqani, chief police of Parwan province.

Mohammad Kamran Habibi, in-charge of press of Parwan police, told to BNA “In this meeting, Mawlavi Abdul Qadir Haqqani, chief of Parwan police, spoke about modification security situation in center and districts of the Province and Directs all Parwan security officials not to dismiss any efforts in securing live of Parwan residents.

Haqqani praised officials and officers of headquarters police, nine districts, security officers and intelligence officials for their efforts and sacrifices, adding “Public’s assistance in ensuring security of Parwan is imperative and vital”

Worth to mention, officials of Parwan Police expressed their needs and wants to the Parwan chief of police in respect to ensure possible security of Province residents.

Ab wasea Alamyar

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