Deputy PM Hanafi Urges Local Administrations to Focus on People’s Economic Issues

Kabul (BNA) The Deputy Prime Minister for administrative affairs Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, in a meeting with the governor of Takhar said, local administrations should focus on the economic problems of people.

Deputy PM, Hanafi, met with Mawlavi Zia-ur- Rahman Madani, the governor of Takhar, a statement said released by his office.

In the meeting, the Governor of Takhar shared details with Deputy PM, on the security situations, local governance, economic situation, and problems of the people of Takhar, according to the statement.

He called the economic situation and unemployment the main problems of the people of Takhar and asked the officials of the Islamic Emirate to take serious action in this respect.

Meanwhile, Deputy PM Hanafi, said providing security, dealing with economic problems, and providing services to people are the duties of the Islamic Emirate at the national and local levels, and there is a need for local officials to focus on the economic problems of the people and make maximum use of the available facilities.

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