Deputy PM Meets Kabul Mayor, Calls for Joint Efforts to Improve Urban Facilities

KABUL (BNA): The Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, met with the acting mayor of Kabul, Mawlawi Ismatullah Asim, and discussed the activities, achievements and plans of the city municipality.

Mr. Asim informed the deputy Prime Minister of the significant efforts made by the municipality to develop and improve public facilities, urban order, and greenery in Kabul city. He also said that they have many other plans for the city administration.

Mawlavi Abdul Kabir stated that all Afghans should work for the welfare and stability of Afghanistan, but that the municipality could do more to improve the urban administration of Kabul.

He also stated that Kabul should be a standard and prosperous city, which is related not only to the city government but also to other accountable institutions and the Kabul people. He stated that everyone should help with the rehabilitation, development, and provision of fresh facilities in Kabul.


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