Dignitaries of Itefaq Township Call On VP

Sunday December 20, 2015

Kabul (BNA) A number of dignitaries of Itefaq township and Tapa-e-Sangar located West of Kabul called on Second Vice-President Sarwar Danesh.
In the meeting, the elders and dignitaries of the respective area while sharing their demands with the vice president they laid emphasize on serious attention of the government to construction of the school promoted recently to secondary one with 5000 students and prevention from usurpation of land in the township. They also said that the local people in respective areas had no access to health services and centers, asking also that relevant organs should take serious steps for solution of the people’s problems in winter. The dignitaries also asked security organs to pay attention for controlling and overseeing security situation of gates connecting West of Kabul. Afterwards, the second vice president while praising local dignitaries of the respective areas for their efforts towards sharing problems and demands of the local people with the government said coordination and cooperation of the people in connection with meeting the people’s demands were a serious need. Related to construction of a school and health clinic in township, the Second Vice-President said he would instruct relevant organs in this regard to address the people’s demands. In connection with maintaining security of Kabul city, Danesh while stressing on cooperation of the people with security forces asserted residents of Kabul city should not be concern over security in the city, adding that the government was focusing on security of all the country in particular Kabul city and its entering gates.

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