Dispatched Delegation To Zabul Delivers Report To President

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Kabul (BNA) A delegation led by advisor in social affairs to the President and deputy of high peace council, Asadullah Wafa dispatched to Zabul province for reviewing situations comprehensively in the province, delivered yesterday its report to Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
The delegation said that based on presidential order and for reviewing overall situations of Zabul province, it have met with members of provincial council, religious ulema, dignitaries, members of civil societies, youth, school teachers and officials and employees of various provincial organs including directorate of women affairs and heard their demands and views in connection with current situation of Zabul province. The delegation asserted that most people of Zabul have expressed dissatisfaction over current situation of Zabul and asked for overall change and improvement in local administrative organ of the province.
The delegation also reported the president in connection with complaints of Zabul people about corruption in newly-constructed hospital in Qalat and their demands for construction of a university in provincial capital.
The dispatched delegation considered security in Zabul as dissatisfactory, asking for adopting urgent measures for improvement of security in the province.
After hearing the report delivered by the delegation, President Ghani said bringing reforms in government administrations is a dire need and suggestions made by the delegation for a change and reformation of Zabul local administrative organ would be reviewed and necessary steps would be taken soon in this regard.

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