Dr. Raheen’s Message on Chendawol Uprising

Monday, June 23, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Colleagues of leader of Chendawol Uprising Al-Haj Sardar Nawroz Ali Hedayat, his family members and holders of 35th anniversary of this uprising!
Thanks God and salutations on The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUP), thriving faithful people of Chendawol and all affected Kabul people to celebrate 35th anniversary of the Islamic Uprising led by Sardar Naworz Ali Hedayat. There’s no doubt that uprising of Muslim groups against oppressors had originated from Hussaini uprising and during the history of Islam, followers of Hussain have always struggled against Yazidis. During our modern history, as a result of coup in 1979, oppressors took power and by depending on army and modern weapons started brutal acts against the people of Afghanistan. After the people of Afghanistan watched the rulers’ governance for one year, they launched uprising in Herat, Kabul and all cities of the country. Although those who launched uprising were martyred, finally the rulers were forced to surrender and leave the scene. Uprising of 3rd Hoot, Bala-e-Hesar uprising in particular bravery uprising of Chendawol wangled the power of cruel regime. Chendawol Uprising was led by brave combatant Al-Haj Sardar Nawroz Ali Hedayat and his followers. Today is the 35th anniversary of Chendawol uprising, while the leader of the uprising passed away seven years ago.

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