Drone Attack On the Kremlin in Moscow

KABUL (BNA) Video has emerged in media showing what appears to be a drone striking at the dome of the Senatsky Dvorets in the Kremlin in Moscow.

Russian officials claim that the building came under attack by Ukraine and have vowed to retaliate, while Ukraine’s president denied Kyiv’s involvement in the incident.

Video shows what appears to be a drone approaching the dome and then exploding in a ball of fire that lit up the sky. It seems that this drone did not impact the dome itself, but detonated very close to it, sending flaming debris falling.

Two drones are suspected to have attacked the dome in succession.

Moscow residents say the sound of the explosion could be heard from across the Moskva River, according to the Yakimanca Telegram channel, a Moscow neighborhood social media site.

“The strength of the [explosion] was like a roll of thunder, neighbors from Serafimovicha Street write,” according to Yakimanca.  “Also, residents of the House on the Embankment saw sparks in the sky and people with flashlights near the Kremlin wall after the claps. The illumination of the Kremlin and the Kremlin embankment is now off.”

Putin’s press service blamed Ukraine for the attacks, which could be viewed as a major symbolic victory for Ukraine, especially ahead of Victory Day on May 9th. There is hardly a higher profile target than the Kremlin. On the other hand, they could also be used to rally Russians to support Putin’s war efforts. This has already led to speculation that this was a calculated move by Russia.


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